Friday, 12 August 2011

Johnny Cupcakes Canraby St Store

"The Brand is no longer confined just to packaged consumer products. Today the word “Brand” has become part of the vernacular within every department of a progressive company"
Bedbury, S

Johnny Cupcakes opened their first UK store earlier this year on London’s trendy Carnaby Street & already he is fast becoming a new favorite amongst both tourists and Londoners.

The Cupcakes brand is known for it’s iconic mockery of modern pop-culture & such a strength in identity that makes their capacity seem almost limitless without consistent the use of reproduction across media.

This capacity is especially prominent in relation to the in-store environment that the brand has created.
A sales assistant told me that the shops (also known as ‘bakeries’) confuse a lot of the passing trade that walk into what they can only assume from the outside is a bakery (in the traditional sense) to find a spectrum of American Apparel T-shirts with big bold prints on the front folded away into cake display cabinets.The Cupcakes brand is centered around their attention to detail which in my opinion, is responsible for their popularity and success today.
Each store is showcased on their website, following the same bakery theme but each with a slightly different approach that is related to the location of that particular shop.
After seeing photographs of their LA ‘Bakery’ I felt a little underwhelmed stepping into their Carnaby Store, which however is probably one of the creative uses of retail space I’ve seen in London.

Website: JohnnyCupcakes.com

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